Tree Planting Day Highlights

”Shows the tremendous spirit of the club and the bond we all have. My lad has never picked a garden spade up or planted a tree so it was another small learning curve.”

”It was great to see so many of our young players planting trees this morning. Some for the experience and others dedicating them to loved ones.”

”Dylan planting his own tree at Stalybridge Celtic Juniors. Great idea from the club, and something he can look back at for years to come.”

”Lovely morning spent planting trees at Stalybridge Celtic Juniors. One for each of the children.”

Thanks to TCV and OVO Energy for providing the trees, Martin from Staly Cricket Club who’s help and advice has been invaluable, and everyone who gave their time on the planting day.

”The boys loved planting the trees.”

The trees planted range from small tress and shrubs such as dog rose, blackthorn and crab apple to large parkland varieties like birch, hazel and English oak.

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