Grassroots Volunteer and… Debt Collector for Energy

Name – Vicky Haynes

Role – U9s Manager

Number of months/years volunteering – just over 3 years 4 in sept.

Proudest moment so far – Every Sunday is a proud moment, I get a lot of satisfaction from watching the boys play, we are by no means premiership but they are amazing and definitely make me proud the way they gel and have such a great bond, I am also super grateful that I am now going into my 4th season (3rd with my current team) and have not lost one single player in that time I have kept the boys for the last 3 years I am very proud of that as must be doing something right 

Hours put in per week (during season) – session planning, training, match days, team logistics for matches – 3/4 hours a week.

One thing you’d change –
The current situation as I am gutted we missed cup finals …. on a more serious note – Nothing!! I love it and get a lot of satisfaction from watching the boys grow and develop.

Day job – Debt collector for energy

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