Re-Starting Competitive Grassroots

Following new guidelines from the FA it is now possible to play competitive football in training, with friendlies possible from 1 August. Detailed guidelines are available in full on the FA website but please remember:

Parents/carers must complete the track and trace form before contact training can begin. Your team manager will provide this.

Parents/carers must complete player self-screening and confirm all results are negative before attending.

Social distancing still applies at all other times. Supporters must not gather in groups of more than 6 people.

Bring a named water bottle. No spitting or chewing gum.

The above applies to existing teams with players registered on the Whole Game System. Hopefully, the Soccer School will reopen in early September.

There is a way back for grassroots. Kids will be able to play again, they’ll be able to practice, to learn, to win and lose. There’ll be bumps in the road but we’ll get there in the end

Summary of FA Re-Starting Competitive Grassroots Football
Pre-Screening Checklist

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