A Message from Dave and Nic Jackson

Guys and Gals, I really can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us over the last few weeks.

The difference it has made coming home from what I call our hospital shift to a great meal that we just have to heat up I can only describe as shear RELIEF.

The chillies, the lasagna, the stews, the curries, the chicken meals, home made chocolate cookies and amazingly you’ve even catered for our eldest son that has coeliacs, making gluten-free meals and chocolate cookies. (No mean task)

Having lost both parents, my father when I was just a teenager and my best friend some years ago I’m no stranger to grief. But the fear and anguish felt by myself and NIcola at nearly losing our son is on a different level, a level so stressful that every day tasks have seemed almost impossible.

Seven years ago I stood up at soccer school and offered to manage and coach a team never expecting nor wanting anything in return. So maybe it was just fate that you incredible people would help us in our darkest hours.

Thank you Chris Frankish for organising what I believe is called “one team “ wherever this strange journey takes us with our young son George we are forever indebted to the parents of the U9’s blues and whites. Stalybridge Celtic one big family “one team”.

The time, talent and passion the Jackson family have put in to Celtic Juniors makes them one of the cornerstones of our grassroots football club, we couldn’t be prouder of them and the way the under 9s Blues & Whites parents have rallied together to support them at this near-impossible time.

Everyone at Stalybridge Celtic Juniors send all our love and support to George and the Jackson family #celticfamily

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