Presentation Night 2020/21 – Save the Date

As the 2020/21 season draws to a close it’s time to celebrate all our teams after a season like no other. Here’s everything you need to know for this season’s presentation including dates, times and all the details.

We are pleased to say that this season we are able to come together to celebrate in person. Last year’s online presentation, although a really enjoyable and successful event, didn’t compare to bringing our teams up on stage for their moment to collect their individual player trophies and announcing the special award winners for each team and the club.

With some restrictions still in place we aren’t able bring the whole club together at Wright Robinson Sports College, so instead we will bring each team to the Soccer School clubhouse to collect their player trophies, announce team and club award winners, and look forward to, hopefully, an uninterrupted 2021/22 season.

Every player in a team, from under 7s to under 17s will receive a trophy to keep for the season. Team awards will be announced for Manager’s Player, Most Improved Player and Player’s Player of the year. And, the club awards winners will be revealed for Young Player of the Year, Best New PLayer of the Year, Team of the Year, and, the only award not for a junior player, Volunteer of the Year.

Saturday 10th July
*14:00* Pan D
*14:30* Under 7 Blues – Matt Sewell
*15:00* Under 9 Blues and Whites – Chris Frankish
*15:30* Under 9 Colts Blues – Amy Atthey
*16:00* Under 10 Blues – Paul Thomond
*16:30* Under 10 Blues Girls – Jeanette Dixon
*17:00* Under 10 Whites Girls – Andy Bowler
*17:30* Under 10 Whites – Leighton Atwal
*18:00* Under 10 Blues Colts – Vicky Haynes
*18:30* Under 15 Colts – Simon Ashton
*19:00* Under 11 Colts – Steve Burnes

 Saturday 17th July

*14:30* Under 11 Blues – Dave Lees
*15:00* Under 11 Whites – Dave Shoesmith
*15:30* Under 12 Blues Girls – Jordan Holt
*16:00* Under 12 – Ali Rehman
*16:30* Under 12 Blues Stripes – Mark Russell
*17:00* Under 13 Blues Colts – Dave Jackson
*17:30* Under 15 Blues – Simon Tomkow
*18:30* Under 16 Blues – Mike Taylor

You do not need to book in advance and the presentation is free to attend.

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