Final Soccer School of the Year

Tomorrow, Saturday 4 December, will be the final Soccer School of the year. 2021 has been the most successful year we have ever had at the Soccer School with a greater average number of players per week than in any previous year.

Since returning from lockdown more children and families have been interested in getting active outdoors with the Soccer School providing the perfect, and affordable, answer. The no pressure environment and pay as you play basis means there is no pressure to commit to playing every week, and being at the same time and venue every Saturday means it doesn’t get in the way of family commitments at the weekend. We hope everyone who started with us in 2021 will be back next year.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our regular players and their families who have stuck with us over the last few years. You are the foundation the Soccer School is built around and thanks to you helping grow our reputation we are able welcome anyone who wants to start playing football, sticking to our club’s founding philosophy of ‘no child turned away’.

Thanks also for all your positive feedback on our new booking in system and extra covid measures we’ve put in place to make you feel safe, and your comments about how the pitches have never been better! (get well soon Pete).

The biggest thanks of all are for our army of volunteers, without whom our Soccer School, and our club, would not exist. Out in all weathers, the first to arrive, the last to leave, and countless hours put into planning, organising, and making our club one of the most forward-thinking and successful grassroots clubs in Greater Manchester.

Thank you everyone for making Celtic Juniors the best! Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. The Soccer School reopens on Saturday 5 February.

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