April Fools | US Penalties Adopted to Make Draws a Thing of the Past at Celtic Juniors

In a surprise move this morning (1 April 2023) Stalybridge Celtic Juniors have been chosen to trial games never ending in a draw.

In an email received earlier today from football’s governing body, Stalybridge Celtic Juniors have been selected to take part in a trial lasting the rest of the 2022/23 season where all games will end with a winner and a loser.

In a bid to make grassroots football more exciting for fans, see maximum effort from players, and encourage more attacking football, any game which sees the scores tied at the end of normal time will go straight to penalties.

But that’s not all, instead of normal penalties taken from the spot, games will be decided using ‘American Penalties’. First adopted in the US in 1977, American penalties see a player dribble towards goal, traditionally from 35 yards, and attempt to score past the goalkeeper within a five second time limit. Watch the below video to see them being taken.

Parent opinion seems to be divided, with one remarking “I’m looking forward to this, there’s nothing worse than spending my weekend in the cold and rain watching my kid play out a boring 0-0 draw.” Whilst another said “Sounds like another crackpot idea from America which won’t catch on here to me.”

We’ll see at the end of the season if the trial is a success and gets adopted across the country. You’d better start practicing American Penalties at training!

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