For individual teams please contact the team manager/coach direct. All team contacts are listed below. Under 7s is school year 2, under 8s is school year 3 and so on.

2022/23 Season

PAN Disability Under 12s & Under 16s
Amy Turner 07751659890

Under 7s Blues
Marek Olah 07703984866

Under 8s Stripes
Zack Hughes 07956735329

Under 8s Blues
Carl Stanley 07536179630

Under 8s Whites
Mark Squire 07834857059

Under 8s Colts
Darren Wheatcroft 07584324833

Under 10s Blues
Ross Stanley 07523696362

Under 10s Whites
Craig Rawson 07887893957

Under 10s Stripes
Mark Nolan 07562106233

Under 11s Blues
Chris Frankish 07968830284

Under 11s Whites
Colin Catherall 07817208832

Under 11s Colts Blues
Amy Atthey 07919183545

Under 12s Girls Whites
Sean Turner 07875574746

Under 12s Whites
Leighton Atwal 07811174730

Under 12s Stripes
Leighton Atwal 07811174730

Under 12s Colts Blues
Vicky Haynes 07454095021

Under 13s Blues
David Lees 07788575821

Under 13s Colts
Steve Burns 07583145695

Under 13s Whites
David Shoesmith 07923557372

Under 14s Girls
Louise Kenworthy 07739322469

Under 14s
Ali Rehman 07976769466

Under 14s Blues Stripes
Mark Russell 07730064854

Under 15s
Adam Rawson 07887894001

Under 15s Colts Blues
Dave Jackson 07970908619

Under 17s Blues
Simon Tomkow 07909091602

Under 17s Whites
Simon Ashton 07753623454


Mike Taylor 07714459156

Vice Chairman
Ali Rehman 07976769466

George Hayworth 07951613070

Welfare Officer
Nichola Jackson 07976769466

Jennifer Walker 07542738306

Communications Officer
Liam Whitehead 07846555139

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